Jiffy Mart Convenience Stores Raise Funds for Hunger Relief

WESTMINSTER, Md. -- Jiffy Mart stores, based here, began collecting donations at its four stores here in November and teamed with UTZ Quality Foods Inc. of Hanover, Penn., to raise funds for hunger relief.

During the months of November and December, Jiffy placed a pig-shaped bank, dubbed "Rex," on the counters at all four stores and asked shoppers to contribute their extra change. In addition, UTZ agreed to donate 10 cents for each 10 oz. bag of UTZ pretzels sold.

"Christmas is a joyous time of the year for many but can also be a time of struggle for some within our community" said Tom Moser, Jiffy Mart general manager. "The Shepherd’s Staff is a kind organization with a strong desire to help those in need; they have greatly impacted the lives of many in our community during this time of the year."

The funds collected were pooled together and given to Shepherd’s Staff to cover prescription costs for people in Carroll County that are uninsured or under insured. These combined efforts resulted in raising over $500.00.

"The Shepherds Staff is a great partner considering we both serve the same community," said Dwayne Cover, Jiffy Mart business manager. "This was a great program and again shows how residents and our associates are willing to give back to our community."

Jiffy Mart and its parent company, Tevis Oil, support the well-being of the community it serves and are well known for their philanthropy. Jiffy Mart operates convenience stores exclusively in Carroll County, Md., including Westminster, Finksburg and Hampstead, and provides Hometown Convenience to all of its valued customers.

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