Kangaroo Express Stores Offer Holiday Gift Ideas

SANFORD, N.C. -- The holidays can be a stressful time with pressure to find the perfect gift for everyone. To help consumers, The Pantry is sharing easy gift ideas available at its Kangaroo Express convenience stores:

Gift Cards -- No matter how much a person wants to spend, a gift card to Kangaroo Express could mean a full tank of gas to get family or friends where they need to go, or it could mean a week’s supply of fresh Bean Street Coffee to start their day off right.

Coffee -- Everyone knows somebody who stops on his or her way to work to pick up a fresh cup of coffee every morning. Treat them to free Bean Street Coffee with a Kangaroo Express gift card; $5 will get them free coffee for a week, only $20 for a month. Wrap the gift card inside a Bean Street Coffee reusable mug and their money will go even further.

Lottery Tickets -- Both a great stocking stuffer and small present to give the host of holiday festivities. Lottery tickets are affordable and available in a variety of price points.

Candy -- A great stocking stuffer, candy is small, loved by all and won’t break the bank. Whether the person loves Hershey’s chocolate bars or Haribo Gold-Bears, consumers can find it at Kangaroo Express.

Snack Pack -- Snacks make great stocking stuffers, or if arranged together in a basket, can be a great present too. Start with a couple bags of Chex Mix and get adventurous with the flavors. Then add some RITZ cracker packs. Next, cater to their sweet tooth with Hostess snacks. Top it all off with their favorite Hershey chocolate bar. And for the health conscious, make them 100-calorie packs.

Beer Exchange -- Forget to pick names for Secret Santa? The beer exchange is a great alternative. An individual can gather six to 12 of their closest friends at the nearest Kangaroo Express store where each purchases a six-pack or case of their favorite beers, or ones they’ve never tried before. Then swap so each person has a diverse collection of beers.

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