Kansas City Police Investigate Possible QuikTrip Robbery Spree

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Kansas City Police Investigate Possible QuikTrip Robbery Spree

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- City police are investigating whether the same man robbed, or tried to rob, five QuikTrip convenience stores and a pizza shop in one night. Four of the crimes occurred here, one in Kansas City, Kan., and one in Gladstone, Mo.

According to a report by The Kansas City Star, the man’s description and method was similar in each case. The suspect never showed a gun and was low-key, police said, so much so that one clerk ignored him as he softly mumbled, "Give me the money." The man left without stealing anything.

The suspect first struck about 10:35 p.m. Wednesday at Judge’s Pizza, 521 N.W. Englewood Road here. A man asked about buying a piece of pizza, and then demanded cash when the employee opened the register, the newspaper reported.

About four hours later, a man entered the QuikTrip at 5025 N. Antioch Road, and picked up a four-pack of toilet paper and leather gloves. When the clerk rang up the items, the man put his hand in his coat, as if he had a gun, and demanded cash.

At 5:30 a.m., a man entered the QuikTrip at 528 N.W. Englewood Road and asked if he could wait inside to avoid the rain. The man lingered for about 10 minutes and then asked the clerk if she could break a $5 bill. After the clerk opened the register, the man said softly: "Give me the money. Give me all the money." But since the man was acting so calm, the clerk ignored him, gave him five $1 bills and sent him on his way. The clerk later called police, realizing the man’s description matched the earlier QuikTrip robbery.

Police recorded another failed heist at 6:35 a.m. at the QuikTrip at 1301 Westport Road. A man asked for change for a $5 bill, then said: "Don’t make a scene. Give me the money." The clerk told other employees, "We’re being robbed," prompting the man to take his five $1 bills and leave without any additional cash, the report stated.

Police are also investigating whether the holdup of the QuikTrip store at 27 Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City, Kan., just before 4 a.m. is related to the others.

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