Kentucky-based Fast Lane Stores to Stock New Relaxation Drink

STATESVILLE, N.C. -- Kentucky convenience store chain, Fast Lane Stores, will now stock Bebida Beverage Co.'s (BeBevCo) Koma Unwind brand in its 37 stores throughout the state, according to a BeBevCo released statement. The new partnership aligns with the beverage company's quest to expand their product line westward.

“We cannot begin to express our excitement as we kick off the 2011 season with the continued expansion of our products. With Good Morning America mentioning Relaxation Drinks in a segment last week and the continuous pull through from consumers via online sales, it is inevitable that KOMA Unwind will be a household name in a couple years as we have seen signs of vast reorders and requests,” Brian Weber, CEO of BeBevCo stated in the release. “January through April are huge months for us as we reach out to hundreds of chains across the United States, but one thing remains steady with a functional beverage that helps you sleep better and relaxes the human body; these beverage do not have seasons and consumer demand generally stays steady,” added Weber.

“One thing that we often hear is that cold drinks sales suffer annually as the temperature drops in most northern states. As the need for the functionality of sleeping better and relaxing crosses with frigid temperatures, we recommend opening up a KOMA UNWIND can, pouring it in your favorite mug and heat it up in the microwave,” Daisy Ramirez, COO of BeBevCo said in the released statement. “On a cold night a warm Koma Unwind can be more effective than Grandmas hot tea with honey,” concluded Ramirez.

Bebida Beverage Co.'s product lineup include: Koma Unwind "Chillaxation Drink," Koma Unwind sugar-free "Chillaxation Drink," Koma Unwind "Chillaxation Shot," Potencia Energy Drink, Potencia "Blast" energy shot and Piranha Water.

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