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Kombucha Wonder Drink

Line includes Thai Carrot, Strawberry Basil and Honey Lavender flavors.

Kombucha Wonder Drink, available in both bottles and cans, is looking to provide a modern take on traditional kombucha beverages. Using a proprietary process to pasteurize the kombucha to include all of the benefits while ensuring safety and alcohol compliance, Kombucha Wonder Drink aims to be the best-quality kombucha on the market and a leader in innovation, according to the maker. The probiotic line includes such flavor varieties as Thai Carrot, Strawberry Basil, and Honey Lavender. The brand also offers a prebiotic line in Traditional Kombucha, Green Tea & Lemon, Cherry & Black Currant, Asian Pear & Ginger, Apple & Juniper Mint, and Concord Grape varieties. 

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