Kroger Enhances Fuel Reward Loyalty Program

ATLANTA -- Supermarket giant Kroger introduced a new "Choice at the Pump" program that is intended to provide its Kroger Plus Card holders with more flexibility when redeeming their loyalty reward points.

The new program, officially launched on Oct. 20, now allows customers to choose how they want to redeem their fuel reward points at Kroger Fuel Centers. They can use them all at once, or save some for a future fill-up. Redeeming 100 points saves customers 10 cents per gallon of fuel, while redeeming 1,000 points rewards customers to the tune of $1 per gallon of fuel purchased, for example.

To redeem points, customers need only to swipe their Kroger Plus Card and when prompted, choose among the automated options at the fuel dispenser.

"Since introducing the Fuel Reward Program in 2010, Kroger has listened to its customers in hopes of best satisfying their fuel savings needs," Glynn Jenkins, director of communications and public relations for Kroger's Atlanta division, said in a company news release."The program's new 'Choice at the Pump' enhancement is a direct result of customers providing feedback and suggestions from the initial launch."

The enhanced program will be offered at many Kroger locations. Customers can track their points on the bottom of their receipts or by registering their card online at

Although Kroger customers can take advantage of the original Fuel Reward Program at participating Shell locations, the petroleum provider is not taking part in the "Choice at the Pump" enhancements.