Kroger Expands Ethanol Offerings to Ohio

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Kroger Expands Ethanol Offerings to Ohio

CINCINNATI -- Kroger Co. announced that it will expand the environmentally friendly fuel alternative E85, a mix of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline, to its nine gas stations across Ohio.

Meghan Glynn, a Kroger spokeswoman told The Cincinnati Enquirer, "Customers have an increasing interest in this renewable alternative fuel, and we'd like to make it more convenient for them."

This announcement comes the same week Kroger brought E85 to its stations in Texas. The addition of this fuel to Kroger gas stations is part of a deal made with General Motors Corp. to promote the new fuel alternative. General Motors spokesman Dave Barthmuss told Toledo Blade that the company expects to sell 400,000 Flex Fuel Vehicle models that can run on ethanol fuel in 2006. "This is part of a GM effort to make E85 available nationwide," he said.

The fuel is made from corn and is generally less costly and efficient than gasoline. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported the cost of ethanol at Kroger's fuel stations in Texas opened at $2.59, while the unleaded regular gasoline was priced at $2.89.