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Kwik Trip Collaborates With Wisconsin Candle Maker


LA CROSSE, Wis. — Kwik Trip Inc. is transporting consumers into their local convenience store by way of nostalgic smells.

La Crosse-headquartered Kwik Trip partnered with fellow Wisconsin-based Smith and Co. Candles LLC for a new Elite Day candle that smells like the retailer's car wash tri-foam. The candle features notes of soap bubbles, middle notes of a fresh cherries and bottom notes of a freshly cleaned car, reported The X.

The Elite Day candle is the second collaboration between Kwik Trip and Smith and Co. Candles. Earlier this summer, the candle maker released a Glazer Doughnut scented candle inspired by Kwik Trip's iconic treat.

"Earlier this summer, we teamed up with the Smith & Co. team to launch the Glazers-Scented Candle. This was new territory for our company, so we were thrilled to see the positive feedback surrounding the launch," said Kendra Nedegaard, digital content supervisor at Kwik Trip. "Our social team received significant comments and suggestions for future candle editions. The most requested was easily our car wash tri-foam smell. If there's anyone who could turn our guests' wishes into a reality, it was Kenna and Doug from Smith & Co.”

Both Elite Day and Glazer Doughnut candles are available for purchase on Smith and Co. Candle's website. Purchasers will receive one coupon for a $6.99 Kwik Trip Elite car wash with the purchase of an Elite Day candle.

Known as Kwik Trip in Minnesota and Wisconsin and as Kwik Star in Iowa, Kwik Trip operates more than 675 family-owned convenience stores.

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