Kwik Trip digital signage at a La Crosse store

Kwik Trip Completes Chainwide Conversion to Digital Signage Displays

Kwik Trip Logo

LA CROSSE, Wis. — Kwik Trip Inc. has given its foodservice program a digital boost.

The convenience retailer recently finished installing more than 1,000 Philips Android-powered digital signage displays inside its 700 convenience stores. The rollout came through a partnership with PPDS.

The rollout began in 2018 as La Crosse-based Kwik Trip began modernizing its locations. The retailer's decision to update its signage was primarily driven by its need to communicate its in-store offerings to its customers as foodservice became an increased focal point at Kwik Trip locations.

However, according to Atlanta-based PPDS, Kwik Trip's existing model for print signage created limitations for real-time market testing and as the retailer opened new locations it wanted consistent modern aesthetics across all of its stores.

In addition to upgrading its messaging, Kwik Trip saw an estimated $1.9 million in savings by tapping PPDA and the Android-backed System on Chip of Philip's D-Line. The selection eliminated the need for external media players, PPDS added.

"The decision to go with Philips came down to their System-on-Chip functionality, which led to significant cost savings over others. Also, a great warranty that helped us feel comfortable about the investment," said Mark Meisner, director of marketing and advertising, Kwik Trip.

Other benefits to the digital signage installation, according to PPDS, include:

  • Increase in sales;
  • New revenue streams; and
  • A modern look and feel.

"Working with Kwik Trip and their integration partners, we were able to fulfil their high demands with a solution designed specifically to meet their requirements and while providing them with an advanced, best in class solution, positioned them for maximum ROI and significant cost savings," said Joe King, vice president, PPDS, North America.