Kwik Trip Offers Visa and Discover Reloadable Prepaid Debit Cards

TAMPA, Fla. -- Kwik Trip is now offering nFinanSe $3 Visa and $3 Discover reloadable prepaid debit cards throughout the Midwest, the vendor reported.

The nFinanSe Reloadable Prepaid Visa and Discover Cards sell for only $3 and have a low $2.95 monthly maintenance fee for an unlimited number of purchase transactions, which allow cardholders to load additional funds or "top up" for only $2.95, nFinanSe reported. The company also offers free direct deposit of payroll; free 24/7/365 live agent customer service in English and Spanish; and free cell phone text message alerts with purchase and balance information after each transaction.

"Until the last 18 months, the consumer fees associated with reloadable prepaid cards were too high to encourage significant trial and usage among the 100 million unbanked, underbanked and credit challenged Americans in need of an alternative Financial Payment tool," Jerry R. Welch, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of nFinanSe said in a released statement. "With the new, consumer-friendly pricing model being implemented in the retail marketplace by nFinanSe, customer-centric retailers, like Kwik Trip, will now be able to encourage their customers to sample and experience the terrific benefits of Reloadable Prepaid Cards."

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