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Little Debbie Partners with The Weather Channel

To forge an emotional connection with viewers, The Weather Channel has formed a partnership with McKee Foods to brand Little Debbie cartons with an on-pack promotion for the network's merchandise, PROMO Magazine reported.

Beginning this month, more than 50 million packages of Little Debbie breakfast pastries, including Honey Buns, Donut Sticks and Pecan Spinwheels, will offer licensed parkas, golf umbrellas and mini umbrellas from The Weather Channel.

The six-month nationwide promotion, which targets mothers, is designed to build a stronger connection between the network and viewers. The station recently adopted a new tagline, "Bringing Weather to Life," to reflect how weather impacts daily life. The goal is to get viewers thinking of the network as more than a weather source.

"People have such an affinity for the brand," said Shari Pace, director of licensing and marketing partnership for The Weather Channel. "There's something about the brand people just want to connect to. It's one of the ways we can extend our brand."

The campaign also plugs Your Weather Today, a morning weather program on The Weather Channel. Viewers can tune in to the show while enjoying their favorite Little Debbie breakfast treat, Pace said.

Consumers can purchase specially-priced Weather Channel branded parkas ($25), golf umbrellas or mini umbrellas ($14.98) as part of the on-pack promotion. The licensed products are valued at $50 and $25, respectively. This campaign marks The Weather Channel's first-ever promotion with Little Debbie.
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