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LiveWire Energy Expands Southwest Retail Markets

ANAHEIM -- LiveWire Ergogenics Inc.'s energy chew brand is now sold in 200-plus new convenience stores.

LiveWire Energy Chews are offered at more than 50 Fastrip Corp. c-stores in California and Arizona, more than 50 Rebel Oil Co. c-stores throughout Nevada, and more than 100 Terrible Herbst Inc. locations in Nevada, Arizona, and California.

"We see great opportunities within chain stores with 50 to 200 locations because their compact footprints allow cost effective support programs," Bill Hodson, Livewire's CEO, said.

The company noted that it is the first to market a flavored soft energy chew made from a proprietary blend of B vitamins and up to 120 mg of advanced caffeine that is low in sugar, calories and carbohydrates. The chews have a grab-n-go packaging and are designed for active consumers as an alternative to energy drinks or shots. Eating one energy chew gives a boost similar to drinking a cup of coffee, said the company.

"Chewables are the logical next evolution in the energy products category, which is estimated to grow to more than $20 billion in 2013," added Hodson. "LiveWire Energy Chews are very convenient and at about 69 cents apiece, they are less than 25 percent of the cost of most energy drinks and supplements."

LiveWire Energy Chews are available in seven different flavors and the amount of caffeine in each chew is clearly displayed on the packaging. Flavors include: Citrus Mango (90 mg caffeine), Pomaberry (90 mg caffeine), Chocolate (100 mg caffeine), Mint Chocolate (120 mg caffeine), Sour Apple (90 mg caffeine), Cinnamon Fire (90 mg caffeine), and Coffee (100 mg caffeine).

California-based LiveWire Ergogenics Inc. was formed in 2008 and sells its products at thousands of retailers nationwide.

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