Logic Takes Control With New Patent

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Logic Takes Control With New Patent


LIVINGSTON, N.J. -- Logic Technology Development has added another patent to its portfolio. The latest is for a control button that interacts with the electronic cigarette's operating system.

According to Logic CEO Eli Alelov, the control button allows an e-cigarette user to program how many puffs the product will allow before it shuts off. The user can also control the interval between that shut-off point and when the e-cigarette can be used again. Additionally, Logic was awarded the patent for the design of the controller, Alelov added.

"By us implementing the patents for [the] controller, we can claim we have a safe electronic cigarette because you can control the nicotine release," he explained.

Control buttons have been featured on other electronic cigarettes, but not Logic products up to this point. The controller will appear on future Logic e-cigarettes, Alelov said, although a release date has not been set yet.

Logic's latest patent comes on the heels of another it received last month for a digital indicator on its disposable electronic cigarettes. The display feature, which the company says is the first of its kind, lets e-cigarette users know how many puffs are left in the product, as CSNews Online previously reported.