Mansfield Oil Acquires TransMontaigne

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Mansfield Oil Acquires TransMontaigne

By W.B. King

GAINSVILLE, Ga. -- Mansfield Oil, a leading nationwide provider of fuel supply, distribution and logistics services, will acquire the commercial and industrial business unit of TransMontaigne Product Services Inc., currently responsible for the provision of supply chain management services for the physical delivery of gasoline and diesel fuel downstream of the truck loading rack.

The deal essentially marries two of the nations' largest fuel deliverers serving the government and various industries including convenience stores and gas stations.

"The deal took several months to conclude as the team at TransMontaigne worked very hard to ensure they found the right partner that could support their delivered customers in 45 states with coverage in 49 states and a supply, delivery and logistics business that was over five times the size of TransMontaigne business," Doug Haugh executive vice president and CIO told CSNews Online. "Mansfield had the geographic reach and depth of supply and distribution capability needed," he added.

Randy Larson, CEO of TransMontaigne, said in a released statement: "We worked very hard to find a strategic partner who could support and expand on the foundation of supply chain services and fuel supply solutions we had developed for our SMS Business customers. Mansfield's unique combination of value added solutions and national fuel supply capabilities ensure that our SMS Business will continue to receive the highest levels of fuel supply and logistics support available in the market today."

The fifty year-old, $2.6 billion dollar Mansfield will open a Denver office, retaining the current TransMontaigne SMS Business team and expanding the operation with additional resources from its Gainesville corporate office, explained Haugh.

"Mansfield employs several key people who worked with TransMontiagne over the years, both our president and worked at TransMontaigne for quite some time and have always maintained great relationships with management and staff which was key top making this work," he told CSNews Online.

While ranked 156 on last year's list of Forbes largest privately held companies, Mansfield is known as a quiet, privately held company. When asked how the deal will impact the industry, Haugh responded: "Perhaps the biggest impact on c-store operators is the fact that Mansfield, a strong supplier to independent retailers with over 500 sites supplied and serviced today, will have a new regional marketing office and staff in the Western U.S. to support further development of our c-store business in the Rockies," he said. "Mansfield offers BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, CITGO, Crown, Marathon and Texaco, as well as Solo, our private brand.”

Todd Bruck, director of procurement and supply chain management for transportation services at Allied Waste, is among customers affected by the acquisition. "This deal creates a win-win for us by combining the capabilities of our largest fuel supplier with those of our most innovative and services oriented supplier," he said in a released statement. "The Mansfield program allows Allied Waste to continue the rapid evolution of its operating divisions' fueling programs across the country."

Moving forward, Haugh explained this deal underscores Mansfield's philosophy and mission. "It's a part of Mansfield's overall business strategy to drive value for customers by providing the best fuel supply, logistics, and support services available, nationwide," he told CSNews Online. "The acquisition allows us to leverage economies of scale that will further drive value for all commercial, government and retail customers."