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Martin & Bayley to Open Commissary

CARMI, Ill. -- Martin & Bayley, which operates Huck's Convenience Stores, will open a commissary at its warehouse in Carmi, Ill. to make fresh sandwiches and other food items for their 132 convenience stores and three travel centers, reported the Carmi Times.

Over the past six years, the company has steadfastly been focused on decreasing dependency on gasoline, andfood service has become more and more of an emphasis.

"We've been working on the commissary for about six months," said Mark Bayley, president of Martin & Bayley. "Our goal is to offer fresher, better breakfast and lunch sandwiches at our convenience stores. Opening a commissary is an innovative idea, and being innovative has been a major reason for the company's success. The company recognizes that in the convenience store business, you either innovate or you die."

Huck's opened its first store in 1974 and has grown to 132 locations. The commissary is tentatively scheduled to open Sept. 1, and will provide an additional 30 job opportunities for the area.
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