Maverik Lassos Radiant Systems

Maverik Country Stores Inc. reached an agreement with Atlanta-based Radiant Systems Inc. for the purchase of the technology firm's Customer Suite of applications.

As part of the deal, Maverik will implement the solution, which includes the Radiant POS, Fuel Controller and Electronic Payment Controller software in all of its 175 company-owned and operated stores.

"Maverik requires a technology solution that is highly reliable and flexible," said Maverik CEO Mike Call. "Radiant's solution has the fault tolerant capabilities to virtually eliminate downtime at the fuel island and POS, and provides flexible configuration tools that will allow us to customize the POS interface to meet our specific needs."

This agreement marks an extension in Radiant and Maverik's three-year relationship. Maverik currently uses Radiant's legacy POS, back-office, and headquarters management systems and is upgrading to the next generation solution to take advantage of advances in the platform technology as well as application enhancements. The new solution will allow Maverik to support more sophisticated marketing programs at the fuel island and manage site labor more efficiently.

"Convenience store operators face many challenges in managing a retail environment with multiple profit centers and high volume customer traffic," said Jon Bolen, Radiant's managing director of the petroleum convenience store industry group. "Store technology must be reliable, manageable and highly functional to meet these diverse business needs. Radiant provides operators with the tools and capabilities necessary to ensure that customers receive top-quality service even at the busiest times."
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