McDonald's Opens Cyber Restaurant

Oak Brook, Ill.-based McDonald's Inc., the world largest foodservice company, yesterday announced the opening of its first cyber-restaurant.

The suburban Tel Aviv eatery has more than 20 personal computer terminals that customers can use to surf the Web while munching on Big Macs and fries, according to Reuters.

"It reflects the lifestyle of youngsters in Israel and in the world -- to eat fast food and use the Internet at he same time," Omni Paean, chief executive officer of McDonald's Israel.

To reserve a computer, customers buy a token costing the equivalent of $2 at the counter for 20 minutes of surfing time. The 120-seat restaurant also boasts giant computer screens that advertise events and Web sites. For smaller children, there are stations where they can play computer games for free, and the branch also offers Microsoft Corp. software for sale.

If the prototype is successful, similar programs could roll out in the United States early next year.
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