McDonald's to Test Customers' Lovin' of All-Day Breakfast

SAN DIEGO — McDonald's Corp. will begin testing an all-day breakfast program at some San Diego restaurants starting in April, the Associated Press reported. The test will include a partial menu and feature a number of McDonald's breakfast sandwiches and hash browns.

The test is a response to customer requests for breakfast items past the current cutoff time of 10:30 a.m. Previously, the company had discussed the logistical difficulties of extending breakfast, due to the small kitchen space and the requirements of preparing lunch menu offerings.

However, McDonald's USA President Jeff Stratton told the news outlet that the fast-food chain is now taking a look at ways it can offer breakfast later in the day.

The extended breakfast test is another step in McDonald's ongoing efforts to appeal to customers who want food customized to their schedule and preference, as with the "Create Your Taste" test platform. That program lets customers customize every aspect of their burger, including the bun type, variety of cheese, toppings and sauces.

McDonald's stated that it is too early to speculate on the outcome of the breakfast test.

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