McDonald's Tests the Market with New Chicken Grande Wraps

OAK BROOK, Ill. -- McDonald's is testing the newest addition to its snack wrap line with the burrito-sized Chicken Grande Wraps.

According to the Chicago Sun Times the larger tortilla wraps, priced at $3.99 each will come in three different recipes. All three wraps come with chicken, diced cucumber, shredded cheese, sliced tomato and lettuce with the Garden Ranch adding ranch sauce, the Roma Pesto adding tomato pesto and garlic aioli and the Santa Fe BBQ adding barbeque ranch sauce, black beans and corn. The new entrée-sized wraps clock in at 350-370 calories for the grilled chicken and 420-440 calories for the fried version. reported the new line of wraps joins McDonald's overseas establishments as Ireland has added four varieties of wraps to its menu and Germany offers three McWrap varieties.

Wendy's and Burger King have even jumped on the full-size wraps bandwagon. Last year Wendy's tested two full-size Fresh Wraps, Baja and Smokehouse BBQ, and over the summer offered its Fish Fillet sandwich in a wrap, reported. In Germany, Burger King added the California Wrap and the Texican Burrito to its menu, with a different version of the burrito made into a full-size wrap called the Texican Wrap offered on Burger King's UK menu, the Web site stated.

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