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Meet Future Leader in Convenience: Caleb Hill


TEMPLE, Texas — Caleb Hill began his career with StrasGlobal in 2006, managing grand-opening projects for Mobil's On The Run in the greater New York area.

Since then, he's held a variety of positions with companies such as Kilgo Retail Services, Par Petroleum (now Hawaiian Independent Energy), SDI Petroleum and Mountain Express Oil Co., before returning to StrasGlobal.

In his current role, Hill oversees store operations in California, Louisiana and Texas, where his sites were chosen to test StrasGlobal's new online ordering, curbside delivery and home delivery programs.

According to his nominator, Hill demonstrates leadership skills by communicating with and motivating his team on a regular and clear basis, listening to his team and being empathetic to their needs, putting the needs of his team at the forefront and looking out for them, and leading by example. Earlier this year during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, he volunteered to drive long distances to deliver masks, gloves and other safety equipment to his stores and other StrasGlobal locations.

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