Mike and Ike Fans To Choose New Flavor

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Mike and Ike Fans To Choose New Flavor

Just Born Inc. will be running a Mike and Ike promotion until Sept.14, whereby fans of the candy may vote for the newest flavor mix.

Consumers can vote for flavors including Smoothies, Lemonade Blends and Fruit Sherbet at the Mike and Ike website, www.mikeandike.com.

The Mike and Ike Brand Mix Master Promotion will be flagged on 4.5 milllion packages of candy. Consumers will be able to enter a promotional code found inside specially marked packages and become eligible for the Grand Prize of concert tickets for a year or other prizes, such as an iPod Nano, music download gift cards or free Mike and Ike candy.

The promotion is supported with a radio advertising campaign and advertisements on AOL. Additionally, Mike and Ike will host more than 300 sampling events across the country.