Military Pumps Overseas Change to Weekly Pricing

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Military Pumps Overseas Change to Weekly Pricing

DALLAS -- Beginning in February, all Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) OCONUS (Outside of the Continental United States) gas stations will adjust their pump prices on a weekly basis to reflect market conditions in the United States. The prices will be based in the current week's U.S. Department of Energy average price.

"Feedback from military families assigned overseas made it clear that they wanted to see greater immediacy than month-to-month frequency was capable of delivering," said AAFES' chief of communications Lieutenant Colonel Dean Thurmond. "Changing pump and coupon prices every seven days should provide prices that are more closely aligned to those in the states and help reduce the issues monthly pricing tended to create."

The first week-to-week pricing will be made on Feb. 1 at AAFES-operated stations in Germany, Turkey, Korea, Okinawa, Japan, Guam, the United Kingdom, Azores and the Netherlands. Those areas will adjust prices every Saturday at 12:00 a.m. local time.

Military drivers using the stations will see changes based on the Department of Energy's weekly average for each grade of gasoline in the U.S., plus any incremental costs to provide the gas overseas.