Milk Out-Of-Stocks: Why They’re Threatening Your Store & How to Fix Them

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By CSN & Progressive Grocer - 08/21/2019



A new, extensive undercover audit reveals 9 out of 10 grocery stores are not fully stocked with dairy milk. Dairy milk is a key trip driver, and 30 percent of milk shoppers say they’d walk out of the store if they can’t find their preferred dairy milk product. The bottom line? Your stores are losing profit when milk is not properly stocked. We can help you optimize the milk case to maximize your profit potential. 
Dairy milk is a powerhouse category, delivering 20 percent of store profit from just 3 percent of store space – but only when in stock. By attending this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Just how pervasive the OOS issue is – is it affecting your store?
  • How having the right spacing and product assortment will help maximize your profit potential
  • About resources available to determine how you can optimize your dairy case




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