Missouri Lottery Launches Quick Picks at C-store ATMs

ST. LOUIS – The Missouri Lottery partnered with select convenience stores and Welch ATM to provide fast, convenient access to lottery games and Powerball winnings. ATM machines at 50 St. Louis-area c-store chains, including Mobil On the Run, U-Gas and Dirt Cheap, now offer Powerball and MegaMillions quick pick purchases.

"We are starting this program in St. Louis and Kansas City, but plans to launch Missouri Lottery-enabled ATMs throughout the state are well underway," said Welch ATM CEO Jeff Hewitt.

The 50 participating Kansas City ATMs are expected to be installed by the end of this month.

"We are very excited to be able to offer lottery at our machines in Missouri," said Welch ATM Senior Vice President Adam Hobelmann, noting that the program will likely drive more foot traffic and transactions at the machines. "Stores that typically utilized lottery machines will also see a reduction in store real estate through consolidation of equipment. Locations that still sell lottery at the counter will likely have shorter lines as lottery customers are diverted to the ATM."

Welch ATM manages more than 22,000 machines throughout the United States and plans to expand its relationship with the lottery program in the future.

"With our nationwide reach, we hope to be able to bring the benefits and added convenience of lottery-enabled ATMs to all of our partners throughout the U.S.," Hewitt stated.

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