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More Details Emerge on New QuikTrip Store

TULSA, Okla. -- QuikTrip's new concept convenience store in east Tulsa features some staggering numbers: 24 soda fountains, 12 flavors of frozen drinks and 16 flavors of ice tea and lemonades -- all inside 5,700 square feet of floor space, according to a report by Tulsa World.

The Tulsa-based convenience chain's new store, at 51st St. and 129th East Ave., is the first of four next-generation stores planned to open in the next several months. It is 1,100 square feet larger than most other QuikTrip locations, and features a different design, with more room and product offerings than the company's other outlets have.

For the first time, QuikTrip is offering soft-serve ice cream, coffees and yogurt prepared by its store staff. "We had ice cream a long time ago, but it was a disaster," QuikTrip spokesman Mike Thornbrugh told the newspaper. Now, the ice cream and coffee bar is run by two employees who serve up cool treats and hot drinks.

The expanded drink selection in the new store lets the company experiment with new concepts, such as a horchata-flavored frozen drink, and a pineapple-and-papaya sweet ice tea. The store is testing grab-and-go foods as well, including prepared pizzas, salads and lasagna that can be taken home and baked. There is also more room for roller grill items, with more space for prepared sandwiches and burgers, the report stated.

The new layout limits parking in front of the store but adds doorways to each side, for a total of three entryways. "We're hoping to make it easier to get into the store and give more room for parking," Thornbrugh said.

Three other next-generation stores -- two of which are in Tulsa -- are under construction. One at 15th Street and Denver Avenue should open in weeks, and another in the Gilcrease Hills neighborhood is slated to open late July or August. The third will be in Independence, Kan., according to the c-store retailer.

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