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Moto Mart Rolls Out Network Management Solution

BELLEVILLE, Ill. — MotoMart completed its chainwide rollout of the C-Store Connections package, intended to enhance network reliability and uptime, as well as improve remote support services.

The C-Store Connections package is a comprehensive network management solution designed by Acumera Inc. to specifically meet the needs of multi-site convenience store operators.

“Reliable and secure connectivity for payment card processing is a critical part of our business, and PCI [payment card industry] compliance is more important than ever before,” said Matt Mueller, systems administrator for MotoMart. “Acumera not only helps ensure security with its PCI Tools solution, but also delivers the dependable connections and troubleshooting services we need to keep our operations running smoothly.” 

In addition to the C-Store Connections package, MotoMart also implemented the Dual WAN Failover app, which provides high availability wide area network (WAN) connectivity for convenience stores by automatically switching to a secondary connection whenever occasional interruptions in the primary connection occur.

“In order for convenience stores to maximize uptime and revenue, they need a solid back-up system,” said Tom Yemington, Acumera’s vice president of sales and marketing. “The Dual WAN Failover app gives MotoMart the back-up solution needed to reduce equipment downtime and maintain visibility at all locations.”

Austin, Texas-based Acumera Inc. provides a network of network management services, tools and applications for multi-site retailers.

Belleville-based MotoMart operates 78 convenience stores in the Midwestern states of Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota. It is a division of FKG Oil Co.


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