Murphy USA Installs New Kind of Outdoor Advertising

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Murphy USA Installs New Kind of Outdoor Advertising


EL DORADO, Ark. — Murphy USA Inc. and Brandbumps Marketing Group Inc. partnered on their first installation of Brandbumps dual-purpose detectable warning panels (DWPs) at a Murphy USA store in El Dorado.

DWPs are often required for retailers to be ADA-complaint (Americans with Disabilities Act). Brandbumps DWPs act as physical and visual cues to alert the visually impaired and aid in safe wayfinding, as well as provide brand awareness, promotion awareness and messaging with a logo, photo or QR code.

According to Brandbumps, it is currently in discussions with Murphy USA to develop a strategic rollout of Brandbumps across the Murphy USA network of stores. The El Dorado-based retailer operates more than 1,200 convenience stores across 24 states, with many of the locations situated conveniently on or near Walmart properties.

Brandbumps also said it is actively involved in conversations with advertisers interested in securing the Murphy USA space for promotional and brand advertising.

"Brandbumps panels get noticed because the communication is directly in the consumer’s sight line and the raised bumps have the same affect for the visually impaired as they do for the fully sighted consumers — they demand attention," the company states on its website. "...Our DWPs put advertisers right at your store entrances where all of your customers will see them while entering and leaving the store. This is good for your vendors and good for your business in terms of more money in your pocket and a more aesthetically pleasing customer experience through the replacement of plain, drab DWPs with vibrant, branded panels."

Brandbumps Marketing Group is based in Middleton, Wis.