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NACS Show Adds 'Organic Aisle'

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- The Cool New Products Preview Room at the NACS Show 2005 has been expanded to include an "Organic Aisle," and will feature new product options for convenience store retailers to attract health-conscious consumers to shop in their stores.

"The 'Organic Aisle' in the Cool New Products Preview Room will give retailers the opportunity to evaluate some of the hottest-selling organic products and how they might benefit by adding them to their product mix," said Jane Berzan, NACS senior vice president of events, marketing and supplier relations. "The 'Organic Aisle' is an ideal destination for those who are looking for ideas to add healthier options to their product mix."

The Cool New Products Preview Room is a significantly expanded version of the Cool New Products Showcase, which has been part of the NACS Show for the past several years. The Preview Room will include a broader scope of products and services, beyond products for resale. Buyers will now be able to see the latest in floor and countertop displays, shelving, technology and other types of services and equipment and the newly added "Organic Aisle" in one area.

The Organic Aisle is open to both current NACS Show exhibitors offering organic products as well as other organic item manufacturers that produce products for other retail channels such as grocery stores.

"The NACS Show is the industry’s primary destination for seeing new item introductions and the latest technology applications and services. Adding the 'Organic Aisle' to the Cool New Products Preview Room creates a more comprehensive array of products and is another example of how we are continually introducing new ideas for retailers to stand apart from the competition," said Scott Hartman, NACS Convention Committee chair and CEO of CHR Corp.
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