NCR Adds Predictive Capabilities to Managed Services Offer

DULUTH, Ga. -- NCR Corporation announced NCR Predictive Services, a managed service for self-service terminals that will predict failures on these terminals before they happen and dispatch technicians before consumers are impacted. The new service is initially available for NCR SelfServT Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and NCR SelfServT Checkout self-checkout terminals, the company reported.

NCR Predictive Services works by gathering and analyzing a wide variety of data from NCR self-service devices. This information is then combined with the insights of the NCR Services data warehouse, which maintains operational data from more than 2 million consumer points of service and 12 million annual service actions around the world, according to the vendor.

"This shift from a reactive service model to a predictive one will create new value for our customers by ensuring that their mission-critical self-service devices have the highest levels of availability," said Chris Askew, senior vice president of services, NCR Corp. "The promise of consumer self-service is to enable a successful interaction, every time. The break-through service innovation we have introduced today will help our customers deliver this promise, enabling successful interactions and positive experiences for consumers."

NCR will track component activity, such as receipts printed in a self-checkout terminal or ATM. When the printer nears the end of its lifecycle, or exhibits early signs of failure, the printer can be proactively replaced before the failure occurs. When an anomaly is detected, the predictive system will suggest a resolution, which could include dispatching a service technician or starting a remote diagnostic session with an NCR technical expert.

NCR Predictive Services also provides the opportunity for secured, audit-controlled remote access for fast resolution or diagnosis of issues. An NCR customer engineer can recover and review logs, and perform problem resolution activities within minutes of an issue being identified, further reducing the number of extended outages, the vendor reports. A wide variety of configuration options are available, depending upon the security levels required.

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