Nestle Asks, Who's Got a Golden Ticket?

As audiences await Warner Bros. Pictures' July 15 release of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, starring two-time Oscar nominee Johnny Depp, Nestle Wonka is bringing the movie to life with a nationwide search to find five Golden Tickets.

Beginning this month, kids everywhere will be looking for a shiny golden ticket inside specially marked packages of Wonka candy, like the five lucky children in Roald Dahl's classic story, to win five movie-themed grand prizes worth $10,000 each.

The five unique grand prizes are one-of-a-kind experiences themed around characters from the film and tied to specific Wonka candies. Kids have a chance to choose which prize they'd like to win based on which candy they enjoy. The Golden Ticket grand prizes include a Wonka Bar prize of $10,000 in cash, a Wonka Donutz prize of a European vacation, a SweetTarts Shockers prize of a private shopping spree, a Nerds or Nerds Rope prize of a being “digitized” at a Los Angeles video animation studio, and a Sparkle Jerry Cherry Laffy Taffy prize of a trip to a fantasy sports camp.

Contestants also have the chance to win one of 100 first prizes, an official Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie pack, including a T-shirt, calendar, poster, video game, soundtrack, book and board game and a year's supply of Wonka candy. Entrants can play the Golden Ticket Second-Chance Sweepstakes at, offering another chance to score a Golden Ticket prize.
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