New Documentary May Include Sheetz Scenes

ALTOONA, Pa. -- Morgan Spurlock, director of the documentary "Super Size Me," which featured him eating nothing but McDonald’s for an entire month, is working on a new film that brought a camera crew to a Sheetz store here last week, the Altoona Mirror reported in a blog on its Web site.

Spurlock’s new documentary is called "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold" and reportedly takes a comical look at the ever-growing use of product placement in movies. The entire film is being paid for by product placements, so Spurlock is taking the measure to the extreme.

A camera crew was at Sheetz Friday, where there were cardboard cutouts of Spurlock with no clothes on and holding a Sheetz sign to cover himself up, the blog reported, citing "someone who was there at the time." It’s unclear what role, if any, the Sheetz scenes will play in the film.

Spurlock’s new documentary is scheduled to premiere next month at the Sundance Film Festival.

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