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New Study Reveals CBD Searches Jumped Nearly 200% Over Past Decade

Alabama is the state most interested in using CBD, based on internet searches.
Angela Hanson
CBD oil

HOUSTON — Interest in CBD is on the rise, with certain regions of the United States showing particular curiosity, according to new research by Nature and Bloom, a resource for CBD and hemp.

The company examined Google Trends data over 12 months of search terms frequently used in relation to CBD, which were then combined to give each state a total search score. The lower the score, the higher a state ranks in interest.

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Alabama is the state most interested in using CBD with a total search score of 62. Additionally, the population of Alabama searches for "CBD shop near me" and "CBD" the second most in America.

Mississippi ranked second in CBD interest with a search score of 69. The state leads in searches for "What is CBD" and ranks fifth in searches for "Buy CBD."

States rounding out the top 10 are:

  • No. 3 West Virginia (total search score: 70) — This state searches the third most for "CBD Oil" and "What is CBD" in the country. It also searches for "Medical marijuana" the fourth most despite not searching for "CBD shop near me."
  • No. 4 South Carolina and Vermont (total search score for both: 71) — South Carolina searches the most for "CBD Shop near me," "CBD" and "What is CBD," while Vermont has the highest number of searched for Buy CBD" and the second highest number of searches for "Cannabidiol" and "CBD."
  • No. 5 Kentucky and Tennessee (total search score for both: 71) — Kentucky has the highest number of searches for "CBD Oil." Tennessee has the highest number of searches for "CBD Shop near me" and the fourth most searches for "CBD" in the U.S.
  • No. 6 Minnesota (total search score: 75) — Residents of this state search the third most for "Buy CBD" and fourth most for "CBD."
  • No. 7 Louisiana (total search score: 78) — This state searched the third most for "CBD."
  • No. 8 New Mexico (total search score: 80) — It has the fourth most searches for "Cannabidiol" and ranks sixth in searches for "CBD" and "Buy CBD."
  • No. 9 Montana (total search score: 83) — This state searches the fourth most for "What is CBD" and "Buy CBD" and the sixth most for "CBD Oil."
  • No. 10 Oregon (total search score: 88) — It has the highest number of searches for both "Cannabidiol" and "CBD."

"Interest in CBD has increased drastically in the past decade by 197 percent just in the U.S. alone," stated a representative at Nature and Bloom. "It has increased its popularity within industries such as pharmaceuticals and skincare with many finding numerous benefits to using CBD products."

The state least interested in using CBD is Massachusetts, followed by Utah, Illinois, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

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