New York Legislators Debate Tax Holiday

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New York Legislators Debate Tax Holiday

BUFFALO -- The voters in last week's Democratic primaries sent a clear signal that a gas holiday tax might well be a political smoke screen, a signal received by New York Senate Democrats who are pushing the idea of giving out $100 rebate checks to most New Yorkers instead.

"If you are paying more for food you're paying more for other commodities, and you're still feeling the pinch of higher gas price as well," Senator Antoine Thompson told Buffalo's WIVB News, adding that lawmakers are hoping to present their gas rebate proposal within the next two weeks.

Thompson told the news service that rebate check option would be cheaper for New York state and more effective in helping consumers. "There is a concern that if you eliminate the gas tax just for the summer, residents may not ever see it," Thompson said. "But if you give them a rebate check they will get it. It will come directly in the mail."

Thompson's plan is rivaled by Assembly Republican Leader James Tedisco who is pushing for his statewide "Summer Gas Tax Holiday" petition that calls on the Assembly Majority to pass legislation eliminating the state sales tax on gasoline and diesel fuel from Memorial Day to Labor Day.