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The Nice Slice

TEMPLE, Pa .-- To better serve the c-store market, Giorgio Foods Inc. introduced a new pizzeria-quality pizza made from premium ingredients with minimal preparation required from store employees.

Convenience stores that choose the pizza program will be able to serve their customers slices of fresh Giorgio pizza. Two styles of pizza, pre-baked or traditional, are available and can be prepared in four to 10 minutes depending on style and cooking technique.

Giorgio's convenience store pizzas are available in a variety of different sizes including pre-baked, 7 and 16 inches, and traditional, available in 7, 12 and 16 inches. Giorgio also offers French bread pizza, calzones, ham and cheese original and pepperoni and cheese stromboli as part of its convenience store food line. Giorgio's baked or fried breaded finger foods, such as cheese sticks and breaded mushrooms, are also available.

As part of the pizza program, Giorgio is offering a versatile oven that has the capacity to cook pizzas up to 16 inches in diameter. The oven can cook both thin and thick pizza and is durable and versatile, making it compatible with demanding commercial food service environments. Giorgio will offset the cost of the ovens for convenience stores using the new pizza program by giving them free products.

For more information on Giorgio's foodservice products, visit or call (800) 330-5715.

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