NOCO Express Sees Sales Boost from Xenergy Sweepstakes

TONAWANDA, N.Y. -- NOCO Express, a chain of 34 convenience stores in New York State, ended 2010 with a 58-percent increase in sales for Xenergy, XYIENCE’s sugar- and calorie-free energy drink brand.

The spike in sales was the result of a text message-based sweepstakes that ran in 32 participating NOCO Express locations from Nov. 1 though Nov. 30, 2010. The promotion required no purchase for entry, and the grand prize was a 42-inch HD television. The promotional pricing of two cans for $3 for Xenergy Premium, as well as effective in-store signage and product displays, drew consumer attention and prompted sales, according to both companies.

"The goal was to increase the brand awareness of Xenergy among our customers, and we are very pleased with the results," Terry Messmer, NOCO Express’ director of merchandising, said in a statement. "Xenergy has a strong flavor profile, which resonates with our customers who have come to trust NOCO to deliver a convenient and quality shopping experience."

Reuben Rios, XYIENCE’s vice president of U.S. sales, added: "On the retail level, NOCO’s team executed the promotion perfectly -- it’s the enthusiasm and support at the retail level that makes a no purchase-required promotion result in a big increase in sales. Brand awareness in the Northeast is steadily increasing for Xenergy. It’s [the] retail partners, like NOCO, who work with us in the development of promotions that are most effective for their market who are responsible for the success we are experiencing."

Established in Las Vegas in 2004, XYIENCE supports the mixed martial arts lifestyle. Xenergy is the official energy drink the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

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