Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Outs Gas Station Violators

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Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Outs Gas Station Violators

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Gas station operators are on public notice now that Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Jim Roth announced that the organization’s Web site features a comprehensive list of gasoline-station violations.

"For the most part our state gas stations do a great job of staying in compliance with Corporation Commission Rules," Roth said in a released statement. “But when they do have violations, it is our job to inform the public. Now citizens can help themselves be better informed about habitual offenders."

Since July of last year, more than 5,000 stations have been cited for violations. As a result, the commission was forced to shutdown approximately 300 stations. According to Oklahoma state law, regulating gas pumps is the responsibility of the Corporation Commission Fuel Inspectors.

According to OKCBusiness.com, the commission regularly inspects for the following:

  • A pump must be within minus six cubic inches, or about six tablespoons, of a five-gallon measure in the calibration test. Operators failing the test are given 24 hours to comply before the pump is locked down. Pumps exceeding 19 cubic inches are locked down immediately.

  • Fuel inspectors check octane rating, for water in the gas, ethanol content, and compliance with safety and environmental rules.

For more information, visit www.occ.state.ok.us