Oklahoma Smoking Ban Takes Effect

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Oklahoma Smoking Ban Takes Effect

TULSA, Okla. -- "No smoking allowed." That's the message that's floating around in Oklahoma as the state's smoking ban went into effect on Labor Day.

This means no more smoking in the workplace, convenience stores, bars and bowling alleys.

Some convenience stores started getting the word out last week that they're now smoke-free by putting up signs making customers aware of the change, but not everyone has remembered to put their butts out at the door, so store clerks are having to remind a few people.

"We've had to tell a few people, put your cigarette out, there's no smoking in here," said Cindy Rogers with Grand Slam Convenience Store in Pocola, Okla.

And this news has many smokers all puffed up. "This is supposed to be a America -- free choice. But it's not, because they're not giving us free choice," said Helen Isaac, a smoker and frequent visitor at Grand Slam.

Most Oklahoma restaurants have until 2006 to go smoke-free or build an enclosed, separately ventilated room for smokers. Fines for breaking the law range from $10 to $100 dollars, plus court costs.