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Opto 22 Partners with packetPointe


Opto 22, a manufacturer of high-quality hardware and software products for connecting real-world devices with computer networks, has entered into a strategic partnership with packetPointe Technologies Inc.

Salt Lake City-based packetPointe's service offerings include the design and development of customized network management software that captures data from organizations' critical enterprise assets including point-of-sale (POS) systems, storage tanks, refrigeration units, and other business systems. The wide-ranging partnership between Opto 22 and packetPointe leverages the core competencies of the two companies to produce an easy method for convenience stores to control and manage their enterprise systems.

"This partnership extends the powerful capabilities of our SNAP-IT hardware by providing convenience stores with a method for acquiring real-time data from their critical business assets," said Bob Sheffres, Opto 22 vice president. "Information from POS, refrigeration and freezer, fuel pump, HVAC, security, and other systems can now be collected and viewed through the packetPointe portal."

The Opto 22-packetPointe integrated solution has recently been selected by several new convenience store customers including Sinclair Oil Corp., which has more than 60 convenience stores Utah and Colorado that will be actively monitored by the Opto 22 SNAP-IT system.

"All of our store systems -- lighting, POS, HVAC, underground storage tanks, refrigeration, even the car wash and video surveillance equipment will be monitored and the associated data will be collected and made available to us through packetPointe's Network Operation Center," said George Odencrantz, director of information technology for Sinclair Oil.

"The comprehensive Opto 22-packetPointe solution promises tremendous benefits to us in terms of improving our overall facilities systems operations as well as reducing our expenditures in specific areas such as store lighting, air conditioning, and refrigeration."
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