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Pa. Governor Gets Behind Beer Sales at Gas Stations

PITTSBURGH — Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf expressed support of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's (PLCB) approval of nine applications to sell six-packs of beer at gas stations, according to CBS Pittsburgh. Approved businesses with the appropriate protections can sell up to 192 ounces of malt or brewed beverages.

"'Freeing the six-pack' will make the commonwealth more inviting for customers and businesses," stated Wolf. "I applaud the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board for approving these applications and respectfully ask that they approve similar subsequent applications that otherwise meet PLCB standards in order to improve customer service and convenience for Pennsylvania."

Paul Lathia, owner of a Sunoco gas station in Canonsburg, Pa., that was approved to sell beer, noted that it is more convenient for consumers to make just one stop to buy gas and beer. He plans to place the beer he sells in a separate but adjoining building with a separate cash register.

"Allowing malt or brewed beverages to be sold at gas stations under appropriate circumstances is an important step toward our shared goal of 'freeing the six-pack' and increasing convenience and improving customer satisfaction for all Pennsylvanians," Wolf wrote in a letter to the PLCB.

The Pennsylvania liquor code forbids the sale of beer at locations where gasoline is sold, but Wolf pointed to a recent court decision that permits it if there are separate points of sale, according to the report.

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