Pay By Touch Introduces Reward and Gift Card Kiosks

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Pay By Touch Introduces Reward and Gift Card Kiosks

Pay By Touch announced the immediate availability of its Reward and Gift Card Kiosk, self-service kiosks to enable retail customers to design, print and purchase personalized gift cards, and obtain loyalty program cards, without merchant personnel assistance.

The Internet-enabled retail kiosk lets shoppers create customized store- branded and third-party gift cards with personalized "to" and "from" names and single or multiple design, full-color graphics, the company reported. Additionally, gift cards can be purchased and dispensed directly from the self-serve kiosk, eliminating the current requirement of purchasing gift cards at the check-out lane or customer service counter.

"The Reward and Gift Card Kiosk enables the shopper to custom-design her own gift cards, turning an ordinary cash gift into something personal and special," said Jeff Grider, vice president, Pay By Touch Personalized Marketing. "Since the cards are printed in the kiosk for each individual order, merchants no longer have to struggle with guessing the correct numbers of specialty gift cards to pre-order -- the right gift cards are always in-stock for every occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary or national holiday."

The kiosks store an unlimited number of graphics, so multiple merchants or brands can be supported on a single kiosk. Using a touch-screen, the shopper chooses from multiple designs to match the gift-giving occasion, and chooses the denomination he or she prefers. They can type both the recipient’s name and the gift giver's name into the "to" and "from" fields, and using a credit card, can purchase the gift card directly from the kiosk, the company explained. By pressing "print" the card is printed along with a receipt.

Merchants can also expand the Reward and Gift Card Kiosk to incorporate Rapid Enroll(TM), powered by Pay By Touch to allow for quick and easy loyalty program enrollment, reducing processing time from weeks to minutes, according to the company.

The Reward and Gift Card Kiosk is currently being piloted by one of the country's most innovative grocers, Green Hills Market of Syracuse, New York.

"The Reward and Gift Card Kiosk from Pay By Touch is a hit with Green Hills' shoppers," said Gary Hawkins, proprietor of Green Hills Market and CEO of Hawkins Strategic. "We love the convenience, and shoppers enjoy being able to add a friend's name as well as their own to each gift card. It brings warmth and personality back into the process."