Pearson Fuels Inks E85 Deals in California

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Pearson Fuels signed new supply agreements with five gas stations in the Sacramento area offering E85 at the pump.

The gas stations are:

  • Shell, 5103 Fair Oaks Blvd., Carmichael, Calif.;
  • Shell, 730 29th St., Sacramento;
  • Shell, 3721 Truxel Road, Sacramento;
  • Shell, 800 Ikea Court West, Sacramento; and
  • Oliver Gas, 1009 Oliver Road, Fairfield, Calif.

To promote the new E85 offering, all five gas stations hosted an event where they offered the alternative fuel for 85 cents per gallon for a nine-hour period on Wednesday.

E85, intended for use in flex-fuel vehicles, contains between 70- and 85-percent ethanol, with the remainder comprising traditional gasoline. There are approximately 1 million vehicles on the road in California capable of using blends of ethanol as high as 85 percent, according to Pearson Fuels.

“We are very proud to make this announcement. These five locations in Sacramento, West Sacramento and Fairfield are owned by some of the most progressive fuel station owners in the state,” said Mike Lewis, general manager of Pearson Fuels. “These stations were selling E85 before we made our agreement with them. We are happy to be working with them and helping to recognize and promote their progressive decision to offer something most stations do not. We encourage the public to vote with their dollars to improve the environment and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.”

Matt Hussain, owner of Oliver Gas in Fairfield, added that E85 tends to bring repeat business. “It’s less expensive than regular gas and keeps the environment clean,” he said. “People should try it at least once if they have a flex-fuel vehicle.”

San Diego-based Pearson Fuels, founded in 2003, is California’s largest independently owned ethanol distributor. In specializes in the development of alternative fuel infrastructure and distributing alternative fuels.



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