Pilot Co. Employs New Data Management Solution

Pilot Co.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — To powers its information management and governance, Pilot Co. tapped a partnership between information-powered enterprise solutions provider ASG Technologies and BigID, a data discovery and intelligence platform for privacy, protection and perspective of personal and sensitive data.

The travel center operator will use BigID's Mobius Content Services to manage its content in compliance with current data regulations.

Privacy regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act and General Data Protection Regulation require organizations to locate where personal and sensitive data is within the enterprise and whose data it is, as well as take action to ensure the collection and use of such data is compliant with requirements as they change.

Mobius Content Services is based on data privacy insights provided by BigID and can manage and govern an organization's content as it grows, including documents, images, video and more. It also mitigates compliance risks that come with explosive growth.

BigID will allow Pilot to automatically identify and classify personal information challenges at scale across all its structured data as well as all content stored in Mobius. Pilot will also be able to redact, delete or hold any content stored in Mobius based on BigID discovery insights, ensuring that the company is compliant with applicable data regulations.

"Our customers are on the move, and we can't let a lack of understanding our data get in the way of our ability to serve them, both in their travel needs and their data privacy rights," said Greg Hydro, chief information security officer at Pilot. "With ASG and BigID's solutions, we are confident in our ability to trust our data and understand where PI lives within our organization, enabling us to not only ensure we are compliant, but also continue to grow our business with a strong data foundation."

Integrated complementary solutions offered by ASG and BigID are able to:

  • Ensure dynamic governance of data supply chains;
  • Automate policy-driven redaction of personal data across the information life cycle;
  • Allow data stewards and compliance teams to detect and remediate policy or compliance violations;
  • Automate data rights fulfillment through alignment of compliance workflows with personal information indexing; and
  • Orchestrate end-to-end deletion workflows through integrated indexing of personal information and redaction.   

"We know enterprises can feel overwhelmed by the idea of managing all the data within their organization in compliance with data regulations, and ASG's solutions that enable them to overcome these challenges are made even stronger when coupled with the solutions of our partners," said Doug Johnson, vice president of product management for content services at ASG. "Our partnership with BigID adds another layer to ASG's solutions and enables our joint customers like Pilot to sustain data trust and operationalize privacy compliance at a time when data privacy regulations are top of mind for enterprises."

Based in Knoxville, Pilot Co. operates more than 750 retail locations in 44 states.