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Pinnacle Launches Loyalty iPhone App

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Pinnacle Corp. launched a new feature for its suite of loyalty products, a Pinnacle Loyalty iPhone App, allowing consumers to use their iPhone as their loyalty card.

The Pinnacle Loyalty iPhone App enables convenience store retailers with Pinnacle Loyalty Solutions to offer a branded iPhone app to their loyalty consumers, complete with their customized program's logo and branding, the vendor reported. Consumers will download the retailer's customized app from the Apple iTunes App Store and configure their loyalty account number. Then when they checkout at the register they simply launch the App and scan the barcode on their phone to earn and receive their loyalty rewards, according to Pinnacle.

"We're seeing an increasing number of retailers in our space taking individual responsibility to build smart phone apps for their consumers," said Drew Mize, vice president of product management and marketing at The Pinnacle Corp. "We believe providing this end-to-end solution will help our loyalty solutions clients save money and increase the adoption rates of their loyalty programs."

Pinnacle's new app is expected to reduce the need for retailers to distribute physical loyalty cards to some consumer segments, saving a considerable expense component of their loyalty program, and is expected to increase program adoption and reduce account breakage within a group of potential consumers, namely the youth and teen demographic, as those groups don't have a need for the typical magstripe encoded cards used at the dispenser, the vendor reported.

Pinnacle plans to refine the Pinnacle Loyalty iPhone App over time, as it opens the door for more ties to the consumer via text messaging or social networking services. The company is also considering versions of the app to support other popular smartphone devices.

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