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Pinnacle Launches Symphony.dispatcher Workstation

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Pinnacle Corp. launched Symphony.dispatcher workstation, the company's latest browser-based, near real-time tank inventory monitoring solution designed for fuel buyers and dispatchers.

Pinnacle's Symphony.dispatcher workstation displays multi-ATG information graphically and in real-time speeds, enabling operators to quickly respond, the company reported. The graphical view provides operators the ability to quickly and accurately assess the situation and respond.

Operators are also aware of what inventory they have, and when they will run out because of business intelligence tools with innovative features to determine a gallon per hour (GPH) depletion rate and Product Run Out (PRO), which will forecast the time when inventory will be exhausted, according to the company.

The new software provides:
-- Real-time inventory monitoring station;
-- Graphical multi-site inventory monitoring at a glance for restocking, delivery acknowledgement, and leak detection;
-- Gallon Per Hour monitoring (GPH);
-- Fuel inventory depletion forecasting/Product Run Out (PRO);
-- Makes "just-in-time" fuel management more practical;
-- Makes dispatcher/fuel buyer multi-tasking more feasible;
-- Minimize costly dispatcher errors;
-- Quickly determine when fuel loads are delivered; and,
-- Accurately determine when locations need replenishment.

"Information is one of the most valuable commodities any business can have," Pinnacle's director of fuel solutions, Brian Reynolds, said in a statement. "Information is the key to successfully accomplish a true, just-in-time fuel inventory management program. Fuel prices continue to be volatile and operators are more dependent on split load deliveries than ever before. Symphony.dispatcher workstation assists dispatchers and fuel buyers in making more informed delivery decisions."

Symphony.dispatcher workstation integrates seamlessly with Pinnacle's Fuel Smart, and is built on the Symphony Fuel Portal Platform. All solutions built on the Symphony Fuel Portal Platform are tightly integrated, sharing vital information with other solutions built on the platform, the company reported.

Symphony Fuel Portal architecture provides the connection for these standalone products to communicate, creating a more robust and complete fuel decision-making technology. Symphony Fuel Portal is browser based, accessible from anywhere, anytime from any device that supports a web browser.

For information visit the Pinnacle Web site at
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