Pit Stop Makes E-ZPass Reloading Easy

RICHMOND, Va. – Pit Stop convenience stores are making it easier for customers to replenish their E-ZPass accounts by offering the Virginia E-ZPass Reload Card. InComm, a provider of integrated technology solutions to retailers at point-of-sale, and the Virginia Department of Transportation partnered to launch the card.

The Reload Card allows those who are cash-based and those who prefer not to automatically replenish their accounts through credit or debit cards to more easily add funds, according to the announcement.

When purchasing the card from a participating retailer, customers can load it with any amount between $10 and $500 at checkout and link it to a Virginia E-ZPass account. To reload the card, customers must present it in-store, and any purchased funds will automatically be loaded to their E-ZPass account when the transaction is finished.

Pit Stop stores in the Hampton Roads region currently offer the card. It will soon be available at additional Virginia retailers.

"States are increasingly eliminating cash lanes and replacing them with All Electronic Tolling (AET) lanes. AET lanes allow customers to pay tolls electronically via transponders without stopping at traditional tollbooths," said InComm Executive Vice President Phil Graves. "By offering this new account replenishment option, Virginia is providing its E-ZPass customers with added convenience."

Atlanta-based InComm previously developed the first reloadable tolling card for Florida's SunPass in 2012. It is working with additional states to create more account replenishment cards, the company said.

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