Postmates Sees Unprecedented Ordering Trends Throughout 2020


SAN FRANCISCO — Nearing the end of one of the most unique years in history, delivery service Postmates unveiled unprecedented ordering trends of 2020.

"To say 2020 was a year like no other is an understatement. From people's favorite restaurants to essentials like hand sanitizer and toilet paper, Postmates became the link between hundreds of thousands of businesses and people's homes," said Eric Edge, senior vice president, marketing and communications at Postmates. "We are in awe of the creativity, generosity and hope people displayed this year and are  grateful for the heroes on the frontlines, including the Postmates fleet and our merchant partners, who continue to get us  what we need in unprecedented times."

Here's what Postmates found:


The year started on a predictable note, with popular New Year's Eve hydration hangover remedies like Gatorade spiking 197 percent week over week. 


Customers fell in love with heart-shaped pizzas this year, which skyrocketed 1,800 percent year-over-year (YoY) on Valentine's Day, where there was also a 4,462 percent week-over-week increase in orders for flowers.


As the COVID-19 global pandemic was declared and shelter-in-place orders began, on-demand orders for hand sanitizer spiked 9,987 percent YoY and toilet paper saw an increase of 619 percent YoY.

March also saw spikes in several categories including office supplies (18.5 percent month-over-month); pet supplies (57 percent week-over-week); and gaming (77 percent month-over-month).


April saw orders for face masks increase by 280 percent YoY. Additionally, one of the biggest pandemic food trends of the year — sourdough bread — was up 500 percent YoY and sourdough bread starter kits were up 600 percent YoY.

The week of April 24, bleach took over the headlines and Postmates saw an 862 percent spike in orders.


As events went virtual during May, like EDC: Las Vegas Virtual Rave-a-Thon, a customer added more than 10,000 hot sauce packets to their order during the event.


Summer saw the biggest spike in party favors ordered during the pandemic for at-home birthdays and graduation celebrations in June. The No. 1 item ordered was balloons. Around that time, hair supply orders increased, with Postmates delivering five times the amount YoY.


National Ice Cream Day on July 19 beat out all the National Food Days as the most popular. Additionally, as live sports returned to TV, Postmates customers ordered pizza, tacos and chicken wings for gamedays.

Food Categories

Meal kits gained popularity, rising 175 percent YoY in orders for family-sized meals, while fast food orders were up 50 percent YoY and breakfast orders were up 61 percent YoY.

Doughnut orders were up 113 percent YoY, ice cream orders were up 118 percent YoY, plant-based was up 124 percent YoY and acai orders were up 130 percent YoY.

Despite the decrease in trick-or-treaters, candy orders were up 38 percent compared to 2019.


Alcohol orders were popular and saw a 49 percent YoY increase this year, with consumers ordering the most in April (65 percent month-over-month).

When looking at the most popular drink per season, Pinot Noir took the top spot in winter, light beer like Bud Light and Coors Light was spring's favorite, summer was caught in a tie between Sauvignon Blanc and White Claw Hard Seltzer, and the most popular drink of fall is red wine with an uptick in organic red wine orders.

Election Favorites

For the first Presidential Debate in September, consumers were mostly reaching for Chinese food but on Election Day the most popular items ordered were pizza, alcohol and desserts like cupcakes and ice cream. On Saturday, Nov. 7, celebrations were in order with a 445 percent week-over-week surge for bubblies including champagne and Prosecco.

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