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The Power of Customer Innovation: A Look Inside the Success Story of CEFCO Kitchen’s Innovation

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With the razor-thin margins seen by most c-store operators, it’s a big decision to invest in new technology. During the past 5 years, and especially during the Covid19 pandemic, many major QSR’s (Quick Serve Restaurants) have adopted self-service kiosk technology, among them McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and Panera.


As the c-store industry continues to compete with the QSR industry for the publics’ foodservice needs, any c-store operator that wants to compete and improve the foodservice profit margin will want to know the ROI and how long it will take to recover the investment. Although on the surface the calculation of ROI could be a simple process of comparing the cost of kiosks to the profits generated, there are many physical and intangible factors to consider when determining the ROI of self-service technology. 


Jeff Foley, Director of Foodservice, recently installed REJI self-ordering kiosks in multiple CEFCO stores to enable the CEFCO Kitchen customers to order their food on in-store, self-ordering kiosks. The implementation of this technology far exceeded expectations.  


These CEFCO kitchens immediately realized the following benefits:

  • 27% increase ticket lift
  • 1900 % increase in sales on add-on/upsell items
  • Increased staff efficiency by freeing up staff for other duties
  • Elimination of customer ordering lines
  • Increasing order throughput, efficiency, and accuracy
  • Free up staff to handle the increase in food orders


During this webinar, Jeff will discuss the benefits realized and lessons learned which resulted in a 21% increase in overall weekly kitchen sales.


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