Prima Marketing to Carry Koma Unwind in 90 Stores

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Prima Marketing to Carry Koma Unwind in 90 Stores


FAIRMONT, W.Va. -- 7-Eleven licensee Prima Marketing and Bebida Beverage Co. (BeBevCo) have finalized a deal to make the relaxation drink, Koma Unwind, available in its 90 7-Eleven stores in western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

"This is obviously a huge development for us, but it's actually just the beginning of what we see clearly as a much larger rollout of our products over the coming weeks and months," said BeBevCo CEO Brian Weber. "Requests for our products are rolling in so fast that we have had to set up a 'situation room' to keep track of all the leads, requests and enquiries. We are ecstatic about the success of our brand, but again, this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg."

According to BeBevCo, Koma Unwind is a leader in the growing relaxation drink category and is meant to appeal to consumers who suffer from stress, anxiety or poor sleep.