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Promotion Garners Shell 130,000 New Credit Card Applications

HOUSTON -- Shell Oil Products US generated more than 130,000 new Shell credit card applications through a marketing promotion that ran during the second quarter of this year. The promotion was developed to create more value for Shell retailers and wholesalers by building the company's branded gasoline credit card base.

The number of applications the promotion generated was double that for the same time period last year, which is significant since enrollment in credit card programs across the industry has declined. Shell management believes the success of the program is due in large part to both the $20 customer incentive offer and the strong site-level execution by Shell retailers and wholesalers.

Shell proprietary credit card holders purchase an average of about 30 gallons per week more than non-Shell credit card holders, and according to David Bunch, manager of credit cards and loyalty for Shell Oil Product US, they are extremely loyal to the Shell brand.

"We know how valuable this group is to our network partners, and we are committed to implementing programs that will grow our Shell-branded credit card accounts," said Bunch. "Every new cardholder represents savings to our retailers and wholesalers because Shell absorbs the processing fees associated with Shell consumer credit card transactions. That means there is no charge to our retailers and wholesalers when a Shell consumer card is used at their site, which they see as a great benefit."

In addition to the value that the new credit card holders bring to the network, 20 operators were rewarded with a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for their strong performance in generating credit card applications. The prize was awarded to the top-performing operators based on the number of approved applications generated.

Among the 20 winners were San Francisco-based Xtra Oil Co. Inc., Louisiana, Mo.-based Abel Oil Co. and Middletown, Conn.-based WF Shuck Petroleum.
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