QuickChek Cools Down Prices on Its Cold Bevs

WHITEHOUSE STATION, N.J. -- The cost of coffee may be soaring, but QuickChek customers will enjoy big savings this summer. Beginning June 23, the convenience store chain will lower the price of its 20-ounce iced coffee, fountain and QuickFreeze frozen drinks to just 99 cents.

The regular price for a 20-ounce QuickChek iced coffee is $2.19, which translates into a "cool" savings of 55 percent for consumers, according to the retailer. The promotion will run through Aug. 17.

“While we already offer everyday low prices on our coffee, which on a per-ounce basis is less expensive than what others in the market charge, we are reducing retail significantly to help our customers,” said Dean Durling, CEO of Whitehouse Station-based QuickChek Corp.

The chain operates 136 locations throughout New Jersey and southern New York, and prides itself on its fresh-brewed coffee, which is renowned for its high quality and the wide variety of coffees roasted using a proprietary select blend that incorporates only the world’s finest beans.

According to QuickChek, it also offers the widest variety of more than 30 lighteners and sweeteners anywhere in the country, enabling customers to create their favorite brew 24 hours a day.

“We continue to strive to be the neighborhood shopping destination close to where our customers live and work, whether it’s for their morning coffee, breakfast sandwich, other convenience items or gasoline,” Durling added.

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